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WDC CDMX is committed to the crucial role of design and architecture in our city and our shared future. For CDMX, it is of utmost importance to use design and creativity as critical instruments to face urban and social challenges. Learn about the program here:
Academic Program
Cultural Program
Local Design Program

Inspiring Design Transformations

Welcome to our Gallery, where creativity meets impact.

Our Services

Our company offers a seamless blend of innovation, precision, and aesthetic finesse to transform your vision into reality.
Consultation and Advisory Services
Our experts collaborate closely with you, implementing their extensive knowledge to provide innovative insights, strategic planning, and personalized solutions.
Design Thinking and Innovation Labs

Our Design Thinking and Innovation Labs provide a structured yet flexible environment, guiding you through a human-centric approach to problem-solving.

Community Engagement Initiatives

Beyond bricks and mortar, we are committed to making a lasting impact on the communities we serve through a range of collaborative and inclusive programs.

Signature Events

The WDC CDMX 2018 program is defined from a first segment of projects and events conceived by the World Design Organization to be implemented by the designated city, some of them are of a protocol nature and others more of content development.
International Design Experience
International Design Experience

Our firm brings a wealth of expertise from diverse corners of the world, offering a unique blend of cultural influences and design philosophies.

    International Design Conference
    International Design Conference

    Engage in insightful discussions, gain perspectives from renowned experts, and explore the latest trends in the international design landscape.

      Design Spotlight
      Design Spotlight

      We provide an exclusive showcase of innovation, creativity, and vision through each project, enveloping aesthetic brilliance and functional ingenuity.

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